Welcome to Pocket Cricket

Pocket Cricket is a game created by a bunch of people who wanted a challenge for their cricket brains. Those of you who are also in possession of 'cricket brains' will know what we're talking about here.

We don't want to win a cricket game by hitting eighty-one consecutive boundaries. We don't want to win with both of our opening batsmen making double-centuries.

No. We want to win by grafting. Thinking. Spotting gaps in the field. Being patient and then unleashing the hounds of hell when the time is right. We want to EARN a victory.

The game is still very young and there are some exciting new features just around the corner. So feel free to give us a shout and let us know what you think. Good luck!

Concept and Design

Animation & Development

Game graphics and web design

Contact, Feedback and Questions: | pocketcricket.net@gmail.com