Hints and help

How do the series work?

A series constst of 30 matches, every fourth match against a new, slightly better, opponent. Whenever you lose a match, you can continue the series from the previous match. So once you get to game 3, you never have to play game 1 again. Unless you specifically choose to start a new series.

Bat as if you were playing in a real match

The only way to win difficult matches is to have confident batsmen at the crease when the time comes to start the onslaught. Don't be scared to take it easy for a while to build player form.

Know who's bowling to you

Always be aware of the form of the bowler you are facing. The higher his form, the harder it will be to get your timing right. In-form bowlers also bowl more accurately and have a shorter timing countdown.

Understand your opposition

Identify the bowlers you are going to target in your opposition team. Don't be too aggressive against the guys who you know are going to be tough to play.

Keep the scoreboard ticking

Whittling down the score by pushing the ball into gaps is crucial. It also builds better form for your batsmen.

Don't be afraid to test a fielder

It is possible to get the ball past a well protected area of the field. You don't always need to play crazy shots just to take advantage of gaps in the field. A well struck shot can get past a fielder.

Never give up

It's possible to resurrect a dead innings. Your tail-enders can win you a game. It won't always happen, but hitting your way out of trouble is possible.

Be aware of fielding restrictions

Pocket cricket matches are subject to current ICC fielding restriction laws. Mandatory powerplays are in effect from over 1-10 in 50 over matches and overs 1-6 in 20 over matches.

Take your batting powerplay

After over 10, you can take the batting powerplay to enforce standard powerplay fielding restrictions. If you have not taken the batting powerplay by over 40, it will automatically be taken.

Player class

All Pocket Cricket players have a minimum amount of form they will start a match with. This is called their Class. Your team's Class is displayed in the Your Team tab.

Name your players

Giving your players custom names will help keep track of who is at the wicket. We highly recommend going to the Your Team tab and editing your player names

Register a second team

Starting a new series type will unfortunately always cancel your current series. If you are playing a 50 over series and would like to start a 20 over series without interrupting your progress, you will need to register a second team.

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